Transparency Policy

Acting as a bridge to connect donors and beneficiaries, trust is the single most crucial aspect of the relationship between the donors and our team. By keeping the whole process completely transparent, we make sure the donors can put their trust in us comfortably.

We publish all important financial-related information of our activities on the website

  1. List of past donors: donors’ particulars and donation amounts chronologically
  2. List of past scholarship recipients : list of past students who were awarded the scholarships
  3. Financial reports: contain detailed data on how much money we received from the donors, how much we spent on scholarships and how much we spent to cover the operating expenses. One key point in our policy is that we will never use the money from donors to cover any part of our operating expenses. All of these expenses are always covered by the donation come from within our Executive Team.
  4. Our bank account is registered solely for donation purpose, and all the bank statements can be found here.

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